Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Two T's

Rapper's often talk about only needing a few things. For Lil Wayne, it's P*ssy, Money, Weed and during Jay Z's single days, he loved Girls, Girls, Girls. (I know that was really cheesy of me but I have been dying to try it out for a while now so go with it). I’ve come to realize I am actually a simple person. I would even go as far as saying easily pleased, especially when someone else makes decisions for me - that shit really does it for me. Not like life-changing decisions or anything, mainly over other important things necessary for survival such as food and what to do that day.

Over the past ten months I’ve had a lot of time adjust to a life in a new country where sometimes, I struggle to find home comforts. People always ask me, once they figure out that I’m not Australian, what I miss about London. I often reply immediately with, ‘Nando’s’ and nine times out of ten they have no fucking clue what i’m talking about. So instead of writing about Nando’s and Wetherspoon’s on a Friday night in town, I decided to talk about other home comforts like tea & toast.

Recently I was asked if I actually liked tea. I was baffled as to whether that was even a real question or maybe I imagined it - but nope, it happened. I’ve gone my whole life thinking that being English and liking tea is just one in the same. Like the two go hand in hand with each other and therefore it’s not really questionable. But yea anyway, tea and toast. So simple but so incredibly orgasmic. I think of all those times, usually on a Saturday morning when I would really get to sit in bed, put on another Sex and the City episode and really enjoy a cuppa PG tips with whole milk (yea, go on judge me) and two triangle slices of wholewheat seeded Hovis, burnt to a crisp with rich butter. Y-E-S!

Whether hungover, tired, lazy or just in a deep and meaningful relationship with my bed, I realise now just how easy tea and toast is and am grateful I can get it anywhere. See, super simple and easily pleased. (This would make for a great Tinder bio FYI).

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