Thursday, 26 February 2015

Everyone just needs to North Face

On Monday I spent the entire day cooped up in my room, which also now serves as my office. I am pretty sure that what followed is a little symptom known as cabin fever. They say it's never good to sleep where you work (well, i'm sure someone said that at some point) and it's true because by 7pm I was ITCHING to escape. I found myself lurking the corridor of my apartment to see which roommate I could temporarily distract and dammit, no one was even in. For the past three days in a row I had spoken to my good friend Carid about how badly I wanted to dress up and wear heels and feel pretty. I looked outside momentarily; it was bleak and there was no predicting how deep the slush puddles were, especially in Harlem where nobody really cares to clean up the streets unless there's body - kidding!

So anyways, back to Carid. It was 7pm and I Facetimed her (we do that a lot) recalling that earlier in the day I said I would venture to the Upper West Side for beer and wings and talks of the D - again kidding! She has this little bar near her place and it's so American and cute that I insist we keep going back there; the giant beer glasses, beer pong and the strong scent of the all-American man are a whole new world in comparison to the quaint little British pubs that i'm used to. Now, having been stuck in doors all day, I really really needed the beer and wing session but as soon as she answered the call, looking all sorts of cosy in her bed, I knew instantly that IT had gotten to her. This IT that I am reffering to is an awful monster called 'New York Winter' and has really destroyed the lives and souls of all of my loved ones. Do you know how hard it is try and persuade your native NYC homies to leave their warm apartments just because one tiny Brit is super excited about being here? Let me tell you, it takes a lot of effort.

Carid and I looked at each other several times before one of us said it. 'It's too cold isn't it?', I stated in a whiny defeated voice as I sat huddled in my office chair and her big, brown puppy dog eyes met mine in agreement. Let it be known that I am really dramatising the situation for effect - those who know me know that this is just something I do for fun. As the FaceTime conversation dipped in and out of poor connection, which I am almost certain the weather is also to blame, the recurring discussion of how badly we need to dress up and feel ladylike reared it's ugly head again. We could only dream of the days where Spring and Summer was due to reign; where long walks in the park after dark were made for giggling girlfriends and new romances. Where wearing next season's peep toe's with white skinnies and an oversized baby blue boyfriend shirt was actually a possibility but nope, today was not that day.

As I often rely on Carid for her wonderful sense of style and blunt words of wisdom, she said the one thing which I didn't want to hear but knew to be true: 'Everyone just needs to North Face', and with that I hung up and ordered Seamless.

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