Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Adult as a verb

This morning my friend Bunny (peep my Instagram for visuals) sent me a picture on Whatsapp. The picture, let me try my best to describe, was of a cute dog sprawled out on his front, face stuck to the floor. I’m assuming it was a boy because I’ve never had a pet so naturally I decide that most dogs are male. Anyway back to the photo. So this poor sprawled out pup, with the world's saddest expression was lying there with two captions in true meme style that read: ‘I can’t adult today. Please don’t make me adult’, and that was it for me. I was ‘lol’ing’ all over the place. I decided to contribute to this visual Internet chain by sending said picture to all of my witty companions who I just KNEW would appreciate it. And boy did they appreciate it.

Around midday, when I started to get the procrastination itch, I decided to go and bother my new roomates. I figured because we all share a common bond of enjoying cheap red wine and salt and vinegar crisps – not chips – when it is too cold to go outside which at the moment in NYC is pretty much all of the time, decided that we didn’t feel very much like ‘adulting’ today either. In my case, having recently left the world of employment for a full-time life contract in Procrastination-Ville it became more apparent to me that being an adult was very much a doing act.

Let me take it back to the good old school days when society referenced the Oxford Dictionary as opposed to the Urban one. From what I recall, a verb is a ‘doing’ word, whereby there is an action involved… usually the predicate follows the subject blah blah blah (I just want everyone to know that I passed English). As an adult, there are a lot of things we need to do that often take a lot of effort. I’ll start with the most obvious ones such as the need to pay bills, which means we need to go to work and dress ourselves and make sure we are eating in order to survive etc. Then there are extra responsibilities on top, such as having to interact with other humans and somehow manage a social life whilst figuring out who we are. These are just a few of the things that we have to do all while being an adult, so it naturally made sense to me that if we umbrella all of these actions under one word, namely adult, we have a new verb.

I have spent a lot of time this past week soul searching (read: procrastinating on Pinterest) and during these bleak times where self-motivation is crucial to my schedule, I have realised that being an adult is in fact a real thing and we all have to do it. I would carry on sharing my revelation’s with you but it’s officially 3.50pm and I have to go and adult for the remainder of my day.

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