Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What lies beneath

Over two years ago I created an outlet for my obsession with underwear – a lingerie magazine. During a visit to NYC, I took my little magazine into Brooklyn Fox lingerie and fell in love - i'm talking about jaw-dropping, slight-mouth-drool L-O-V-E. For me, this was knicker heaven! Ever since then, I look them up once a month to see the latest of their delightful offerings, so shout out to them for inspiring this post.

The other day I checked my little weather app and it said -3. Minus fucking three if you didn’t read it properly the first time. For a brief moment, I thought to myself that I had picked the wrong coast to move to and immediately began planning my relocation to LA, and then I pinched myself and carried on with the day. I’ve been working on a never-ending wish list for a while now but I wanted this one to momentarily distract from the bitter cold. We all know how obsessed I am with underwear, so whilst the rest of you do your warm wooly winter picks and best Christmas gifts, I decided to focus on what was happening below the arctic Woolrich parkas and Uniqlo heat tech layers. Drum roll please: what kinda pants are warming my soul right now? You don’t need to guess any longer, I will share them with you. Here are my faves bits n bobs for those who like a bit of lace:

This is the set that defines the transition from tween to full blown adult with a hint of promiscuity. It’s slightly innocent with maximum ‘I run this bitch’ attitude. In a pretty shade of dove grey, where silk meets delicate lace embroidery, the Heiress set is the perfect confident booster, even under a tee and jeans you will be set to kill. 

You know when you’re in Starbucks and it’s cold as hell outside and you order a cappuccino because you’re trying to watch the calories when all you really want is a hot chocolate? Well I give you this delicious treat again from Fleur of England. Dark and seductive without alluding to any type of S&M activity, this balcony bra and matching thong will leave you feeling like Willy Wonka – in a good way of course. 

You’re feeling HOT. No wait, your feeling mouth-on-fire Tabasco Hot and this naughty yet nice number from La Perla will definitely bring out your sensual side. When revealed to your partner - because this is one that needs to be seen - it will be like the Rio Carnival except behind closed doors. Major bedroom points with this one and I’m not usually one to dress for anyone else.

When sports luxe first came into our lives we were all stunned into silence. Why the fuck would I wear my Nike Free Runs anywhere other than the gym? Then it happened, in came the bloggers two by two stylishly delivering us the sporty/androgynous concoctions. This is what this set makes me feel like. Rock it under a sheer vest with some boyf jeans and stan smiths. Bad bitch alert. 

We’re all blue about something at some point right? It could be a terrible cold, a break up with a boyfriend or a bad acyclic nail job (I have personally experienced a lot of this last one as of late!) Well I have two-middle finger policy to the blues! Let’s embrace them, and get our glad rags on starting with this simple yet stunning set from Something Else Serenity.

Looking for something refreshing to inject a bit of life into your winter get up? Try a hint of mint courtesy of Lou Petillante, the perfect demi option for the woman who likes a little bit of romance without being OTT. This set is also perfect for those who have always been a fan of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is all grown up ladies and gents and she's ready to go slut drop to her favourite Beyonce song. 

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