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November: Overdosing on Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

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I’m not a half effort kind of gal - I never leave the house without mascara and always manage to be on time. As an over-achiever, I like to give 110% to everything I do which means there’s nothing more frustrating than having to leave something half finished. And that just about sums up how I feel about this post that I have now been writing since November 2nd. I swore that just because I began a new job and had a bestie visit me for a month it would not prevent me from writing, because since arriving in NYC almost three months ago, publishing honest and regular updates has been my biggest achievement so far. That and also rinsing the Armani bar for every last drop of champagne - but that's a story for another post! 

So where did November go? I would love for someone to explain to me because one minute it’s Halloween and i'm dressed as a brooding Wednesday Addams in some warehouse in Brooklyn, and the next minute I blink and it’s the first of fucking December and now the 9th! I knew shit was real when I looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of an overgrown bob and nails that looked like a dog chewed them off; time just weren’t on my side in November. So as I began to recap the month, I immediately knew what had happened: I, like many others before me had completely overdosed on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. 

Now mum, I know you read this blog avidly so don’t have a heart attack. There was hardly any of the former. If i’m honest, we can cut the sex and drugs out entirely because it was mainly the rock 'n' roll part that left me wrapped up like a burrito on the couch this past Saturday, whilst taking copious amounts of DayQuil. In summary, November kinda left me feeling like Tony Montana in Scarface, cocky and confident yet still unsure as to how the system works. Before the month had begun, I never really knew how to cash in cheque or what to do with my laundry if there wasn’t a washing machine present in the house!? I also didn’t quite get that as well using ‘z’ instead of ’s’ in their vocabulary, American’s also write the date the other way around - confusing as hell I tell you. 

All that out of the way, the 11th month began with my first day at work. Thirty-eight days later and I have to say (not just because my colleagues will probably read this), I have yet to encounter a bad day. Let me set the scene, I work in the Soho Building, opposite Tiffany's (errr HELLO!) and spend my days surrounded by finely crafted menswear and accessories, what's a girl not to love? So you see my work struggle hasn't really been real. Having spent years working on the editorial side of the industry, I have to admit it was strange at first to be on the other side of the coin. Gaining a PR perspective however has really opened my eyes up to how brands and publications liaise on a whole and there is something about taking a mini two-month career break that allows you to have a very relaxed yet productive approach to work and life in general. As of recent, I tend to start my days with an 'it will get done' typa attitude and the general consensus is that it does get done. This is a lot healthier for me than my previous 'I am constantly freaking out' way of living which didn't do wonders for my eye bags - so much so that even Laura Mercier couldn't help me. I think that just about covers how I am earning my keep these days. 

Work aside, in comes my friend Char (name abbreviated for privacy purposes even though you all know who she is) with a vibrant new energy due to it being her first time in the city. It was as if for the first time someone from outside my NYC bubble was able to see the little life that I had started to build here. Forgive the ongoing Scarface references but it was most definitely like the time Tony decided to go see his momma and Gina to give them some money and say that he had made it; except instead of selling cocaine, I couldn't wait to show Char that I really knew New York. There is something quite pleasing about sharing with your nearest and dearest some of your proudest moments and this doll was just the person who would be able to objectively measure my success. On Tuesday 4th as Char landed at JFK, I trotted to the Upper East Side, Yorkville to be precise, where I would remain suitcase kid for the month in a cozy yet spacious apartment which you’ll be hard pressed to find around here. I apologise again for making that poor taxi driver lift my enormous suitcase that without any doubt completely exceeded the America Airlines luggage allowance on my way out here - oops! Sidebar: In the eighties, Obama lived in the building next to ours while he was at Columbia, although for some odd reason refuses to ever talk about this moment in his life. I mean we get it was a tad rough back then, but I quite liked our little quiet block nestled in between 1st and 2nd ave. 

So off we trotted, from comedy club's to bars, to Ray's pizza after every drunken evening (and boy were the many) and even a trip to an overrated urban night at Webster Hall - hipster kids where you at? Us two Brits, in hopes of becoming the next Gossip Girl truly lived up to expectations of 'fuck it, just do it'. Don't get me wrong, in between the endless evenings out, there were plenty of tourist days thrown in for added measure. Who doesn't like a romantic Saturday stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge or to check out the fancy stroller rents' that make up the crowds at Brooklyn Flea on a Sunday? Not to mention several cracking Harlem brunches with unlimited mimosa's (my vice)... also is mimosa just a fancy word for Bucks Fizz mate because it sure does feel like it! I really am not sure how I even made it to my first month of work but that's what life is like when you're Batman. 

It's incredibly hard to squeeze such a packed month into once post - I have no idea how J.K Rowling managed to fit in an entire academic year of Hogwarts into one of here seven installations but I guess that’s why she’s a doll. I'll just have to be selective and pick out some highlights instead. Many people have said that there's nothing like seeing Autumn in the Big Apple and once you get over freezing your knickers off every other second you start to appreciate the warm hues of the changing leaves and await exciting moments like Thanksgiving and seeing Fifth Avenue light up in order to draw in shoppers. Who would have thought a year ago I would be the kind of doll who needed to wear Uniqlo heat-tech thermals under my shizzle but then again, never say never. I was surprised to find out, well sorta, that I actually had Thanksgiving off, which immediately signaled to me as the perfect opportunity to go HAM with Char without the consequences of going to work the next morning. For a few days we had been geared up to believe that the night prior to this wonderful holiday was THE BIG ONE apparently. And that's probably all I can tell you about it. Let's just say I was very thankful to actually be alive on the Thursday and more than happy to be invited to a Dominican Thanksgiving. You may ask what the difference is here and it mainly lies between the delicious homemade plantains and never-ending sangria laced with every single spirit you could list. I have to especially thank my doll Carid for inviting us into her home and sobering us up for the day - was just what the doctor ordered! 

I really want to go into the big moment where I met Mimi Thorisson of her incredible blog Manger but I think that should be saved for another post. Finally, as Char departed and Christmas really kicked in, November was also the month where I got my powerbitch-ness back which had been stolen by a few Jokers who now no longer exist, ha! It sure does feel good to be Gotham's superhero. Ladies, if you ever find yourself a little down in the dumps, go buy yourself some Calvin's and a pair of all black Reebok classics and watch the magic happen! 

Peace & love, 


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