Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Modern Magicians

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl 

Growing up, Roald Dahl was like an uncle I never actually had. Not only did he teach me how to poison my gran - check out George’s Marvelous Medicine - he also gave me a glimmering hope that I could be anyone I wanted to be like in Danny, The Champion of the World! Learning how to survive in between two siblings, I noticed that we were never really spoiled and learned how to share everything. And by everything, I mean imagine sticking three adolescent girls in one bedroom as my parents did for a few years at one point and you start to feel like nothing is your own. Lucky for me, I did have something that was all mine, my books. Dahl’s dreamy escapes began to shape my thoughts and fantasies, making the British novelist a strong candidate for inspiring me to become a writer even at the tender age of eight.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mimi Thorisson, thanks to the modern world became a more approachable author, one that would shape and inspire my twenties. Her blog Manger was introduced to me by my boss one afternoon while still working in London and the obsessive part of me became quite obsessed. What I love about Manger and Mimi was how genuine and authentic her posts were. During a time where there are so many blogs full of crap, Manger stood out to me as something unique. No ordinary cooking blog - I barely cook by the way - Mimi’s Manger always told a story behind each recipe allowing you an insight into her marvellous mind. She paints a picture so vivid that I can almost always imagine being in Médoc (her picturesque photographs help) and often I feel as if I am sat at the other end of her dinner table. I won’t spoil it for you, Manger is something everyone should experience for themselves. 

So i’m sure by now you’re wondering how many magic mushrooms I’ve taken or what the hell my point is anyway? Well I’m about to get to it. A few weeks ago an email popped up in my inbox from Mimi’s other biggest fan (the friend who introduced me to her blog) to say that Mrs Thorisson was in fact due to be in NYC in two days time for a book signing; she recently launched her cook book ‘A Kitchen In France..’. You can imagine that I damn near jizzed my pants when I realized that it was down the road from work and that I was about to meet the woman whose life I secretly lusted after (not so secret anymore). So off I trotted to meet Mimi which is on parr with meeting the late great Roald Dahl. They say you should never meet your idols for you will be forever disappointed, which is why I recently decided that perhaps Drake and I wouldn’t be as good friends as I originally thought. 

After waiting in Kisan with a glass of bubbly to calm my excitement, I was stunned into silence when it was finally my turn to meet Mimi, who was even more stunning than she looked in her dreamlike pictures. Taller than I imagined, she has one of those smiles that lights up an entire room; the kind of radiant smile that makes you gasp slightly which made it all a bit much for me. I am aware I sound like I have a woman crush right now but i’m not ashamed, send me to groupie therapy if you want. As she stood up to greet me, I felt famous. I bet Kanye wouldn’t stand up for me ever I thought, ha! 

I told Mimi just how much she inspired me as a writer who can’t cook (!) and how I just recently moved to New York and this was such a nice surprise. As she listened, like actually listened, she leaned in and told me how nervous and overwhelmed she was. SHE WAS NERVOUS. It never occurred to me that she would be nervous but then it hit me that she was human and probably never thought a blog about her passion’s would ever lead to this. Inspiring or what right? Anyway, I just felt like Mimi deserved a post dedicated to her, especially seeing as I am now the proud owner of 'A Kitchen In France'… despite not owning a kitchen in NYC just yet. A couple snaps for Instagram later, I bid my idol goodbye and secretly vowed to actually cook something from the book - and that was the best hump day i’ve yet to experience. Please let me know if you’ve had a better Wednesday because I doubt it, unless you got married or something. 

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