Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014: Final thoughts and Drake

For some reason, every year I look forward to December 31st so I can write the following Drake lyric on my Facebook status:

"It's December 31st and we out in Miami just meditating, you got your resolutions, we just got reservations..." 

And that just about serves as my NYE highlight over the past few years; some may even call it a tradition. I sound a tad emo, but if you read through the sarcasm and excellent taste in music (namely Drake) you'll be convinced that I am actually really happy. Hate to gloat about all my achievements, but why the mildred not. The past twelve months have seen me move country, cut off all my hair and continue to pretend to be Beyonce on a night out. But as well as being happy, I am also freaked out. 
Freaked out of course because as much as I am looking forward to 2015, I totally forgot that it was the year of my 25th birthday. FUCK. Does that really mean anything? I'm not sure, but I do know that social conditioning has ensured that this is something I need to get in a panic about... 

Anyway, we won't deal with that until the new year aka tomorrow. But wherever you are this evening and whatever you are doing, remember to spread PEACE & LOVE. And stick around for more of my NYC adventures in the New Year. 

H x

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