Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The internet made me stupid

Forgive the ranting tone, or if a rant is not what you're after on this fairly warm October evening, then perhaps do not read any further. I was doing usual blog browse this morning when I came across the most pointless piece of 'journalism' from what used to be a cultural documenting voice, namely i-D. Let it be known, that since being taken over by Vice, i-D's digital quest to be a modern voice of modern times in an instant fashion has resulted in a pimp slap by the corporation. Why the negativity you ask? Well, basically because as I scrolled through my Facebook feed in between peoples 'I just got engaged' posts and 'My kid's school uniform two months on' post's, I came across something that stunned me during morning coffee time.

Brace yourself for breaking news, the link that read 'the sweetest couples from the city that never sleeps' stopped me dead in my tracks. The lengthy piece featured seven couples from NYC that when asked, 'What do you love about New York?' said stupid shit like: 'Everything but the people'. I'M SORRY BUT WHAT WAS THAT MATE? You hate the people in New York, well thanks for sharing your emo-inspired opinion said no one ever. I'm sure everyone definitely believes that you are part of a 'sweet' couple. As if the Internet doesn't constantly remind impressionable people of all ages - who spend an incredible amount of time behind their screen - why they are not in the cool gang or pretty enough for a million Instagram likes, did we really need another piece to show the singletons out there that unless you were joined to the hip with a hipster that hates everything, you are not deemed cool by current social standards? Fuck outta here. Who on this beautiful earth paid this person to be god for the day and select these 14 peoples out of the million's that take up one of the world's most populated cities?

The worst thing is about it, was that it wasn't the kind of couple documentation that say for instance a brand like The Kooples executes, and even though to some degree that can be a bit blah, it is at least part of a tasteful brand campaign - am I right or am I right? This is not about hating couples, nor is this about being negative. I am simply reinforcing the fact that the Internet has made me and I'm sure many others rather stupid and numb to this shit. I just wish i-D was still as opposed to being a prettier version of Vice because now it's all I can think about. It left me no choice than to give you an example of a real sweet couple; enjoy the molang cuties above.

Peace & Love

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