Sunday, 19 October 2014

Return to work, BYOB sushi and Man-ifestation

It's been around five weeks since I broke my mundane routine of getting up at 6am to wash my hair and feebly attempt fifty or so squats in order to get that hip-hop-honey-butt I always wanted. Five whole weeks. This routine would take place five days a week and involved a full-time job and a lot of life planning (read: wine drinking) during the remaining hours in the day. It's amazing just how quickly you can adjust when the biggest part of your routine i.e. a job, disappears.

So there we have it, this week's theme was definitely about factoring work into my life once again. Following an interview with an amazing menswear PR agency, in between their decision-making process of deciding whether they wanted someone like me around, I got a cheeky three day freelance gig at the Docker's showroom in Midtown. There is nothing weirder than going back to work after five weeks of what has been a very productive nevertheless boho lifestyle. Let's re-wind to last weekend because you know a girl likes to keep it chronological. I had picked up my pimp phone and called my gay husband who needless to say if you checked my instagram is a heavenly god sent to me from Puerto Rico. Due to lack of male species in my dating life (read: meeting losers only), I asked GBF if he fancied being the ultimate tourist with me and taking a romantic Saturday night stroll over Brooklyn bridge - of course he said yes. So that's we what did, as day turned to night we crossed arm-in-arm over one of the city's iconic bridges and took a shit load of selfies until we got to the other side. It was also the night I lost my Applebees virginity which some of you may frown upon; just know that I was born and raised in Slough so I still have strong ties to things like Harvester making Applebees feel like home. GBF also introduced me to Lolawolf and I am now obsessed with Zoe Kravitz.

Another sunny Sunday in the city only meant one thing: brunch at Cafe Orlin in East Village. I'm not joking, I have now been there four times and repeatedly order Eggs Norwegian with OJ and a skinny cappuccino. I think it's set to become a tradition that I will perhaps carry onto into my old age ya know, to the point where I will walk in and they'll know what I want - i'm a sucker for that cute shit. Realising that the world was my oyster, I ventured uptown to The Met - not only because I wanted to pretend to be Blair Waldorf and sit on the tourist crowded Met steps - but because I need some inspiration to write. There's something quite exciting about viewing art when you know nothing about it and in turn getting an idea for a story. So in I waltzed, paying a mere $5 because legend has it you actually can pay what you want at these museums so no need to abide by the RRP of $25! What a rip off. After checking out the Kimono exhibit and gaining a million new ideas of things I could write about such as feminism and dress before post-modernism, I headed up to the roof deck and attempted to Skype my entire family to show them the breath taking view. If you haven't been up there, I suggest it's something you do in the next two weeks ok?

As the new week set in I carried on looking for the next big thing. Did you know that looking for a full-time job is like a full-time job in itself? Well it is. I get up super early and spend all day waiting for a Wall Street banker to pick me up and tell me that he want's to look after me for forever. Kidding. I do however, spent most days on my laptop putting myself out there in the world. Quick side note: if a company doesn't want you, why does it take them 10 weeks to send you an email to say 'No, we're just not that into you...' - I won't name and shame said company just yet, am saving that for a huge news story which I am hoping will break my journalistic career. After a long day of hunting like an Alpha male for food, I made a British rookie error and went out on a Monday night. FML. Throwing on some heels and my face, I headed to The Standard for a quick night cap while some fellow Brits were in town. Like I said, rookie mistake. One thing led to another and the next thing I know it's 4am and i'm at The Dream hotel looking like a groupie on some promoter's table. Do not judge me. I repeat, do not judge me. I'm a sucker for some good music and a mesmerising view. Waking up with a migraine on what was set to be a busy Tuesday was a self-inflicted pain in my ass. Here's what Tuesday was meant to look like:
10am meeting with recruitment agency
1pm meeting with major NY publication for pitching sesh
3pm first freelance shift at Dockers

Here's what Tuesday actually looked like:
10am meeting with recruitment agency where I happened to showcase that I have a case of turrets
11am popped to the KITH store for a news feature. I can't explain how amazing this place is so will be writing a new post on it alone; a true jizz moment.
1pm meeting with major NY publication for pitching sesh   rescheduled to tomorrow. Sat in McDonald's eating a cheeseburger meal thinking about the world whilst using free Wifi.
3pm first freelance shift at Dockers spent listening to Frank Ocean as I prepared the Spring collection

After some well-needed sleep, Wednesday started off a whole lot better with a very promising interview under my wing and a productive day at 'work'. I also walked past the New York Times building and came up with ways to tie my self to the front door until someone hired me. If someone from the NY Times actually reads this, please know that I would sell my soul to work for you. Feel somewhat over excited about this overly productive day, I called up my soul sister and suggested byob sushi which was an incredible idea, until I got a tad intoxicated after half a bottle. Will I ever learn? Also isn't byob a genius idea? There's nothing more orgasmic than taking your vino of choice and combining it with some sexy sushi. I definitely think so. I know that there's a lot of this shizzle happening at home in Brixton right now and I am really all for it. Hop, skip and jump a few hours later and I found myself at what was a very American bar with IT. I can't disclose any more information about IT because I have been sworn to secrecy but just know that as soon as I can come up with an analogy to explain who IT is, I will - we will come back to this.

For most of those who know me, will know that my biggest skill is being able to talk to people absolutely anywhere. This was reaffirmed on Thursday morning when I met two hot chicks who helped me figure out the 2 train - what babes - I knew the time had come to venture out into my own business and set up like subway sessions or something. I feel a Kickstarter project coming on. Two new friends later, (who by the way grew up in Croydon small world I tell you), I headed to work for a final day. I think a three day week is the way forward if you ask me.

As the week came to a close and I pimped myself out to many more corporations and also turned down a job. Sometimes you're just not sure right? I was offered a position at the front desk of the Soho Grand which would have made an amazing blog, cue: Guest's of the Grand - genius I know but I just wasn't ready to commit to forty hours a week when I really want to allow myself the time to find something I really want. Didn't stop me from telling SG just how much I would quite like to be a part of their marketing team so keep your fingers crossed people; sometimes you just have to get your balls and put them out there and that's what this whole move was about anyways.

By the time Friday night rolled around, I went to meet a hot doll for dinner on the Upper West Side and discuss my newly diagnosed illness of man-ifestation. This is a disease which I am sure a lot of other women are also prone to whereby they make up relationships with guys they are dating that aren't in fact real. This is another one of those situation's that requires a separate blog post so keep your eyes peeled. I then ventured to Brooklyn for a birthday and i'm pretty sure you can guess how that ended. Yesterday was spent the only way a Saturday should be spent and that was by eating a cheeseburger, buying necessary pieces from my new haven In God We Trust, making friends in Opening Ceremony and drinking champs in Louis Vuitton as soul sister perused her new purchase. Oh, and I rounded off the day by getting ma nails did at a local spot where my girl 'G' as I like to call her, hooked me UP! Talons on point right now, no pun intended.

About 1am this morning, a few dolls and I ventured to see the Jeff Koons exhibition at The Whitney which was running all night for the final 36 hours. It was like in Sex and the City when Carrie goes on that date with Petrovsky to see an exhibition cept there was no Petrovsky and a lot of drunkards who decided to make the exhibit an after party. Either way, where else in the world can you make this happen right? No where but NYC I tell you.

So the time has come for me to wash my hair in prep for reggae night tonight. Yea you heard me! Here's a little something to get you in the mood. Have a banging Sunday evening wherever you are. I realise these posts are becoming a tad long so will have to start putting shizzle up more frequently. Bare with my while I get my life together.

Peace & Love x

ps. Check out my new blog about ceilings: Above yo head

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