Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Oscar and that pink dress

I'm not really one for writing about things that happen in the news purely because I don't like to regurgitate information that I feel other credible sources have already done justice. But in the event of Oscar de la Renta's passing yesterday, I felt the need to offer up my two cents. Although my individual style may not exactly fall in line with the Dominican designer's lavish offerings, his works of art reached out to me for two reasons: the first being that I am girl and the second that I am a hopeless romantic.

So there it goes, like many other females out there who were/are still Sex and the City obsessives, you will clearly remember the pink dress that Carrie wore with her Russian lover during season 6. It was a cold winter's day in New York when she pointed out to Petrovsky this particular dress in Vogue and it was a cold winter's evening when the Russian gave her the same dress as a gift which later saw the inside of a McDonald's as opposed to an Opera. Note, I would wear this dress to McD's too and grab a strawberry milkshake to match. This pink dress in particular  - a Spring 04' runway spectacle - made such an impression on me that I still dream of the days when I will go on a date wearing something very similar. I remember actually finding something sort of similar by RED Valentino last season and never purchased; as the saying goes, 'all dressed up and nowhere to go'. Prince C, where you at?

Nevertheless, Oscar de la Renta made his mark on my life with that pink dress. Sparked from a TV series that ended a decade ago, it's nice to know that although things change, memories don't fade. And with that in my mind, I'm pretty sure everyone in the fashion world will always cherish their own piece of Oscar. Mine forever lives on in my 'romance' folder on my desktop, a fashion moment I am truly grateful for.

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