Friday, 3 October 2014

I danced with the devil and forgot how to write

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has told me that NYC is a city that never sleeps and although I used to nod my head and agree, I didn't realise how true to life this statement really was. Put it is this way, it's like the city is forever high, and as day turns to night, New York continues to pop one ecstasy pill after another - you can tell that I know nothing about drugs right?

For as long as I can remember i've had commitment issues. I'm not talking about being able to keep a boyfriend or anything, but the kind that prevent me from actually achieving what I want to because i'm too worried to start the project if that makes sense? It's like some things are just to precious to tend to an so procrastination is a fine art that I've come to master well. When I came to NYC (a mere a ten days ago) the plan was to document everything at every moment. I wanted to able to use this website as a platform to write about the journey as it happens so i'm sorry that for the last week I have been a no show - shit just got real busy and like the city, I haven't really slept.

Jet lag nows seem like a thing of the past. Once I my mind and body finally synced like my iPhone does with iTunes, I was able to proceed with actually doing things. And let me tell you, doing things takes up a lot of time, am I right? The real issue here is that while I don't have an American number (because I don't understand how it works) being out and about all day without wifi - unless I make it out to Starbucks or McDonalds - I am uncontactable. That's just the half of it. Then there was my first weekend in the city and of course I had to christen my new home in a truly British manner and just go HAM. So I did and Friday here we are, ready to kick off another weekend.

In between job interviews, meetings, sending emails (we all know how long they take), and general wandering around, my days have been awash with making new friends, seeing old ones and eating incredible food. The past ten days have taken me to some pretty decent spots on the island. There was a cheeky pit stop in Harlem last Friday followed by a complete 'shut shit down' kinda night in Washington Heights or as my smoking hot Dominican friend calls it: DR. By the time Saturday rolled around and I cured my sangria hangover with ramen (in my eyes this beats all hangover food ever), I thought that it would be rude not to go to the 3.1 Phillip Lim sample sale; I think my Pashli needed a friend. Strolling around SoHo in what seemed to be a late September heat weave or India, I decided it would be good time to get some air and go to my favourite place in the world: The Highline. For those who don't know, some smart ass decided to revamp a broken railway line and turn it into the walk of Eden. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will be proposed to here, probably over croissants and mimosa's. There are some things in life that you are just sure of.

After a hazy night over the bridge in Brooklyn, I thought the right thing to do on Sunday would to be chill; that way I could kick start a brand new week with maximum productivity. Writing this now, I feel like I have no idea what day it even is here. For a person that struggles to accept change, I seem to have very easily slipped into this bustling city life where standing or sitting still for a minute is a rare moment. It does however help to be staying on the couch of an equally focussed creative and although I can't disclose much information right now, I can confirm that the juices are well and truly flowing. Although I have to say I feel like missed out on fashion month entirely which is making me feel a tad anxious, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I'LL BE WEARING IN THE SPRING RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, in between all the good food, cute boys and even better wine, this week saw me take more selfies on a subway than ever before (see above) and also partake in an art installation in Bushwick. All in all, it's been pretty banging. Before I sign out, all my fine jewellery people NEED to check out Verameat right NOW. I am obsessed and am waiting for a first pay check of some sort so I can lace my outfits with gothic inspired gold and silver chains and understated rings. More is really more where good jewellery is concerned - you can thank me later.


ps. For those who are wondering what the title means, it's literally what it says on the tin.

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