Thursday, 9 October 2014

Casual in NYC: Top 10 things a brit should know

Are you a brit-doll living in NYC? Well hopefully these tips will help you. If not, read for the lols anyway: 

1. New Yorker's LOVE a British accent so use it your advantage.
2. Dress down, otherwise you look like a try hard jersey person who lives for the weekend.
3. Never date a musician or anyone in hospitality (incl. but not limited to rappers, MC's, clothing designers or bartenders). NB: The reason is simple, they think they can claim you as a friend with benefits very quickly *rolls eyes*
4. Chips mean crisps. So chips are french fries, get it? 
5. When New Yorker's attempt a British accent, it will sound like a poor Aussie from Bondi beach or something.
6. There are Express trains and Local trains. Be sure to figure this out before you ride the subway. 
7. Food portions are huge; girls can get away with sharing and still have leftovers for a few days. 
8. According to New Yorker's, London is the best thing EVER! Even though the tube closes at 12.30am as do most of the bars and just about everything else. 
9. Ever heard of a thing called free pour? Just remember you are no longer in a Liquid somewhere drinking a watered down Glenn's and cola. Also, Margarita's will screw you. 
10. Buy a decent pair of black, heeled ankle boots. They will see you through season's to come. 

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