Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Stuff in NYC: A week to go

Part 1: I take myself too seriously

2014 was a big year for New York. It wasn't really but hip hop heads the world over rekindled their flame for Nas' Illmatic as it celebrated 20 years since it's release and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for a record amount of times - actual number yet to be confirmed. What I really meant was, 2014 was a big year for me and New York as we decided to take our sordid love affair to the next step.

I need to start Part 1 of Stuff in NYC with a bit of contextual information. For those who know me intimately will have to come terms with my often fluctuating levels of stress-headed-ness. Shouts out to Gabrielle Bernstein who helped me kickstart the year with my new found faith in meditation - girl showed me the light; this led to a series of daily Instagram positivity posts which I still genuinely believe in. However, with the genes of a high-blood-pressure prone family running through my veins I came to realise that there is no amount of yoga in the world that will be able to stop me from being anxious. Just like i've inherited my dad's temper tantrums, i've also been handed down his 'everything is too much all the time syndrome'. At some point earlier this year I decided I would have to do something drastic that would catapult me straight into a situation so remote from normal that all my anxiety would have to find something better to do. See ya later sucker.

As a result, I decided to quit my job and relocate to NYC for the foreseeable future. I make it sound more badass and Eat, Pray, Love-esque than it actually is because in reality it took a lot of balls and there's also the part about winning the green card lottery. I'm doing it because the time is now and mama needs an adventure. Fuck you anxiety and lookout Manhattan, H is coming to town. So here we are, a week away from lift off - no job, a couple of couches to crash on, a few dollars and a BIG dream. Needless to say the main issue has really been condensing my entire life in two suitcases but I have taken it as a wonderful opportunity to re-brand. Right now I am going for a Holly Golightly meets Aaliyah attitude with a strong dose of minimalism, POW!

So I think that about covers it. As a gesture of good will and desperation for an audience, I would like to officially invite you to follow me on this journey as I talk my way into my new life in the concrete jungle. I was only four years old when a young Nas claimed on Illmatic, 'Nothing's equivalent to a New York state of mind' - and I guess he was right.

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