Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Goodbye London, hello clouds

I never thought saying goodbye to London would ever be hard. When I was around 15 years old, someone asked me if I liked London to which I replied ‘HELL NO’ – those were my exact words - based on the experiences of an adolescent that lived on the outskirts of one of the most exhilarating cities in the world. If I ever remembered who that person was that asked me, I would go back to them and tell them I changed my mind. Head over to Instagram now and type #lastminutelondon into the search bar - you will be able to see just how much one person can really fit in, in a small amount of time when they really want to.

I’ve been on my flight to NYC for about three hours now and two glasses of red wine later, all I can think is that I should have packed dry shampoo in my hand luggage for that extra boost when I land. I don’t want any New Yorker to think that I arrived in town following a bad hair day.

People often use the expression, ‘The world is your oyster’, I get the gist but the phrase still riddles me a little because I believe that the world will always be your oyster and you can have absolutely anything and everything you want at any point. As I sit on the plane bumping my head to some 50 Cent circa 2004 – very fitting for the destination and all don’t you think? – I come to realise that my wish for wanting to surround myself with like-minded people came true. I just need to make it clear that I could not have made this move without any of you (y’all know who you are). I have taken your letters of love with me and will cherish them more than Justin Bieber does his ‘Beliebers’. I can’t believe I just referred to the Biebs – must be the altitude. Back to the point, because I do have one, it’s just amazing to have people who support you when it comes to making a big change. Okay, had enough cheese for one day? I have to apologise for my hazy red vino-induced state.

Each and every visit I have made to the Big Apple over the past few years has involved a HUGE bucket list and the doing the impossible of squeezing a jam packed tourist day and full night life schedule into a measly 10 or so days. This time round I haven’t made one because I have all of the time in the world – that’s pretty dope.

As I listen to the new Chris Brown album - don’t judge me – I am beginning to think about what my first moves in the big city will be. Lord knows I need to get my nails did. I think after so much anticipation, an excitement that is remotely similar to your first school crush has begun to bubble up within me – I’m just hoping the burst won’t get me arrested! It’s so nice to be here. Tomorrow I head to a friend’s couch and start to figure out my life aka make a million and one very organised, to-do lists. Will of course keep you updated.

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