Sunday, 13 July 2014

You think I'm cool but I think you're cool and everyone else is cooler than me...

So there it is, I'm pissed off at the Internet again because it's turned everyone (me) into an effing stalker. As if shit wasn't bad enough in the first place where I already find a good 45% of my precious time dedicated to the intimate stalking of people's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. As if I weren't already tormented by own desire to succeed, do I really need to continuously compare myself to all the guys and dolls of this world thinking: I just want to be cool? Do i? 

This stems from an earlier conversation with my best friend today. I pointed out to him how I found myself slightly obsessing over two people I assumed to be a power couple - hey, it's what social media has told me about them - and how recently I was pondering what it would be like to be that cool. Well guess what said best friend told me? 'I think you're cool'. He just casually threw it out there like I hadn't spent sleepless nights trying to figure out just how I was going make it in this jungle. Those few words really set me off and I was back to square one: perception is everything. Who on middle earth really knows anything about anyone right? I show sides of myself on social media that I WANT people to see so they can perceive me in a certain way. I want you to know that today I baked cupcakes and bought flowers because even though I like doing those things, I need to photograph them and have them validated by you so you'll double-tap the screen and add a like to my post. 

That validation is a strange concept, but it really is the power of social media. I am sure it's been said a million times but you really can be anyone you want to, especially during the Internet age. So I needed to get this off my chest really because like everyone else, my natural instincts are to compare my situation with the rest of world when its just a focus on the smaller picture. Welcome revelation, I'm sure this new found wisdom combined with my guided meditation is going to help me sleep a lot better at night. I'm cool, you're cool, we're all cool. Let's Woodstock the fuck out of life and give ourselves our own validation. With that, I'm going to try and get a decent eight hours in before the working day - I will however leave you with some pretty pictures that will help you make your judgement on whether you think i'm cool or not. 

ps. This post was written without me wearing my glasses or artificial lighting; at this point I will not be held responsible for typos or shit prose in general. 

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