Sunday, 22 June 2014

Monochrome in Malta

If the day ever arrives, where I make a decision without hesitation I will probably jump off The Shard.. kidding, because I highly doubt that day will come. That said, I seemed to have made a fairly one decision this year when it came to my summer vacay which was spending the beginning of the month in Malta - a cute little Island which I found out is super close to Sicily and I'm open to being anywhere remotely close to Italy so this completely worked for me. 

Almost instantly I made a decision. I am not sure whether it was due to the alliteration factor - I'm sure that helped - but I decided that I was going on the theme of monochrome. Yes 'Monochrome in Malta' is what I proudly declared to myself in my bedroom when I realised I had only just started acquiring this minimalist wardrobe of black and white separates. Basically I had nada, zilch to go on; even my one black bikini from like ten years ago rejected me, explaining that she had no desire to leave the drawer unless it was a trip to the local pool. Making such a declaration that would rule my vacation wardrobe, I realised that I would have to go out and actually make it happen. So for months, literally, I badgered on and on to my colleagues about how amazing this MIM (monochrome in Malta) was destined to be. The idea went so far that almost daily in the office, people were asking me if I had purchased any new additions to accompany my wardrobe, and the answer always was, 'I'm working on it.' And the truth simply was that. Thus began the Pinterest boards, lists and collation of stock inspo imagery from Tumblr. Sometimes when you make a commitment as big as this - dictating your entire holiday portfolio based on a theme - you have to ignore your indecisive mind and follow on through. That or the congregation are going to start questioning your fashion authority. 

So I did it. Having had at least three months to prepare and by prepare I mean shop and lose about ten stone, I finally managed it - not the ten stone part. Not to say that there was anything easy about it at all because I have yet to reveal to you how much I loathe packing. I have no idea what I will wear the next day let alone for the next seven days which is why I did what any normal organised person would do and packed approximately two hours before I left for the airport, making the absolute most of my 23kg luggage allowance. I secretly hoped that my MIM theme would have helped me minimalise what I packed in general but it didn't so guess you just can't have it all. Needless to say, on the whole, my idea was a success and Instagram fans alike thought so too. I mean after all, what else is a girl to do for seven days in a resort with unlimited pina coladas. Each day I would wake up to a scorching sun and poolside view and simply select what black and white was going to make it's debut that day. It was like being on an extended Vogue shoot and I'm not going to lie, the whole thing left me feeling pretty happy. In the end I owe it all to my iPhone 5s and that incredibly sexy filter, noir.

So here's to holidays and themes! 

How cute is this little daily edit of poolside essentials? 

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